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End Your Covert Mission

Drs. Dustin & Kerry Brockberg 
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“We believe that the mission of finding relief from pain and recovery from addiction shouldn’t be covert or secret. Silence about these challenges among veterans is dangerous— both for veterans and for the people who love them. We hope our work will inspire and inform a new conversation about what pain and addiction are, how these things show up in veterans’ lives, and how to cope and recover in healthy and productive ways.”


– Dustin & Kerry Brockberg

Meet the Authors

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About End Your Covert Mission

End Your Covert Mission is the first of its kind, connecting the impact veteran culture has on the perception of pain and substance use within the veteran population. We offer real-life tactics from real veterans who share their personal stories of physical, emotional, mental and social pain—and their proven steps for living healthier, happier lives. 

This guide is strategically designed to help you quiet the silence and raise the voice of a renewed life after service:


  • Understand you’re not alone

  • Learn new strategies for managing pain

  • Study language for admitting, describing and sharing various types of pain

  • Gain insight from veterans’ personal stories

  • Learn proven approaches for connecting with other veterans and family members

  • Access methods to address active substance use

  • Learn how to identify and manage risk factors for future substance use disorders

My Books

Colonel Jim Nickolas, U.S. Army (retired)

“After our nation's best marched into the valley of the shadow of death, many Veterans returned home under a shadow of pain and trauma. God Bless Dustin and Kerry for this insightful work. It provides Veterans a sound action plan to cast a healing light on those shadows.”

Carey E. Gleason, PhD, MS; Madison VA GRECC and University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

“Finally—an important book centered in the veteran culture! End Your Covert Mission empowers the reader to draw on the strengths of the veteran experience while also acknowledging what needs to be left behind to best cope with pain in all its manifestations.”

Diane M. Budnick, Clinical Nurse Practitioner

“As a former Army nurse and CNP with the VA for 28 years, I think this book provides a practical guide for veterans suffering from chronic pain. Having worked in pain management for 18 years, recommendations in the book are on target with the proven multidisciplinary management of chronic pain and the psychological suffering that accompanies that pain.” 
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